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Did you purchase your product at a local retail Hemp Farmacy location or online?

Hempleton's fulfillment center is proud to service The Hemp Farmacy retail locations. If you purchased your products at one of these locations, it is US produced, processed and distributed. 


Hope Hemp Extracts

Hempleton's premier exclusive in house brand, Hope Hemp Extracts is tied to the Hempleton network farmers across the country.  This brand was created to develop a product with full trace-ability and the Hope for each state as it develops a Federally compliant Hemp Production Program.  The creator's primary passion is to develop a product directly tied to farms and processors in each state.  Creating a unique state specific formulation.  Currently available with Carolina's HOPE, Arizona's HOPE, and Tennessee's HOPE. 


Legacy Farms Cannabis Flower

Legacy Farms is the original family farm of our founders.  The Legacy Farms Cannabis Line is tied directly to the NC Hemp Farm research facility in NC.  Our flower product lines were developed to give farmers a direct farm to counter model for distribution.  Ethically produced, processed, and distributed Legacy Farms Cannabis has led the way for retail access to hemp flower material.

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